Description: An original inspiring cinematic composition featuring a piano, strings, cello and percussion.

Description: Happy and bright acoustic folk pop track featuring ukulele, marimba, acoustic bass, brass, strings, drums, claps & bells.

Description: Urban Dubstep is a bright, powerful, energetic, modern electronic track. The track sounds fatty synth and wobble bass, synth leads, powerful drums and atmospheric plugs. Music perfectly conveys the urban atmosphere and rhythm of the modern city. The track is suitable for urban video, advertising, presentations and other works.

Description: Old-school hip-hop track with vinyl sound, wau guitar, scrath and deep bass. Perfect for commercial, vlog and blog video on YouTube.

Description: This is a very 80’s inspired dreamwave / synthwave track with lots of that 80s night drive vibe. Made with virtual versions of classic 80s synths together with a retro drum machine. Great for 80s influenced video projects: action scenes, chase scenes and racing was what I had in mind when making this.

Description: Skyline is a new synth pop track, ideal for both corporate and personal use. Perfect for advertisement, youtube videos, video game channels, sports, podcasts and much more.

Description: Energetic upbeat music item with funny vocalise and acoustic guitars.

Description: This short bright logos for websites, presentations, TV, radio. Great for sound brand logos, titles, trailers, etc.

Description: It’s a great logo for websites, presentations, radio and tv

Description: Inspiring – my new inspirational, sensual, emotional, energetic and positive music track. The track contains acoustic and electric guitars, electro drums, bass, synths, bright piano. The track is perfect for your video works, presentations, Web sites, like background music or the main theme for the movie.

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