Description: Funk / Disco energetic, bouncy and happy. Performed with guitars, trumpets and strings. Can fit for any purpose with good energy.

Description: Strong and powerful. Suitable for a variety of purposes. Played with brass, strings and percussion.

Description: The famous popular classic song “The Swan” by Camille Saint-Saëns. Romantic, gentle and calm, played by a solo flute and cello.

Description: Sweet song that feels like – thanks. Thank you for calling, Thank you for choosing us, Thank you for using our services etc … “Thanks for listening” :)

Description: Restless Night is a melodic pop song with trumpet and saxophone. Thank you for listening.

Description: Commercial logos that suits a variety of options.

Description: Short and catchy jingle, suitable for all types of media. Music that promote what you have to offer.

Description: “End of story” – Swing rhythm accompanied by clarinet, brass and piano. Gives a sense of – the end of the process / Good Bye / etc …

Description: A children’s atmosphere, combination of wind instruments, pizzicato and percussion.

Description: Big band music with a group of trumpets, saxophone and guitar. Suitable for a variety of applications such as – open or close the video / Show, Roller, thanks, or any other purpose you can think of

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