Description: Commercial logo that fits a variety of applications. Electronic nature with soft pads, bells, violins and piano.

Description: Sweet music with an optimistic atmosphere. Performed by flute and strings. Great for children or funny video.

Description: Dreamy song, with electronic ethnic atmosphere, and background Voclas.

Description: Strange background noise, can match to - aliens, strange animal, underground, space, underwater and other uses.

Description: Heroic sound track with a choir, trumpet, piano and violin.

Description: Classical music of French composer François-Joseph Gossec performed by flute and strings. Exciting and romantic.

Description: Modern creative logo for hi-tech companies or for any other usage. Refreshing and sweet.

Description: Conversation between the pilot and control tower by radio

Description: Samba song with elements of modern jazz. Performed by a live guitar, flute, brass, percussion and piano.

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