Description: Groovy electronica bed theme with a corporate feel featuring synths. Ideal for animation

Description: Uplifting and motivating song. Ideal as a complement to pictures, videos, commercials, TV or radio. The instruments included are inspiring harmonics, guitars, piano, strings, bass and drums.

Description: Optimistic and motivational corporate music track that you can use in presentations, commercials, videos about sports and travelling. Guitar, bass, drums and synth create uplifting mood and pleasant atmosphere.

Description: Song that gives joy , made with guitars , keyboards , drums and bass . A motivational melody with a base that evolves and spreads enthusiasm.

Description: A melody together to start a new project with enthusiasm, optimism and teamwork. We have a goal and together we can achieve it. With this song we can feel the energy flowing and we can achieve our goals despite the problems we encounter.

Description: Modern, clean and fresh background track, with guitars, piano, bass and drums. Fitting perfect for motivational, inspiring and uplifting projects.

Description: Melody that sets good mood and makes brighter any project. Cheerful and bouncy it reminds young of good carefree day. Featuring piano, bells, synths and drums, the piece can be used in commercial, tv or radio program, even corporate video.

Description: Piano, guitars, synthesizer, strings, drums and bass for a inspiring theme. Perfect for video presentations, advertising, marqueting or any other project where music is an important element. A relaxed, friendly, engaging but with energy and dynamism atmosphere. Cheerful and elegant, very adaptable to different situations always taking the quality and aesthetics over all.

Description: Motivating song perfect for your project or presentation, ideal environment for advertising or as background music.

Description: Corporate background track. Great for any corporate and business projects, romantic videos, collages, slideshows, motivational or uplifting projects.

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