Description: World middle east prayer worship desert ancient ritual.

Description: Sijpelt, betoverende, tillen

Description: Soulful contemp,rhythm and blues

Description: celestial, strange, mellow, psychedelic

Description: Sad emotional film music in slow tempo with acoustic guitar playing a reflective contemplative melody. “Reflective Slow Drama” is made as emotional background music for sad drama, beautiful nature film, serious documentary, cinematic slideshow, inner reflections, lonely walking in evening, beautiful sunset, water waves on open sea, birds flying in the sky, sad girl crying, tenderness caressing, relaxing moment, dramatic slow motion etc. acoustic, acoustic guitar, background, beautiful, calm, cello, cinematic, contemplative, crying, dark, deep, documentary, drama, dramatic, dreamy, easy, elegant, emotional, evening, film, inner reflections, lonely, melancholic, mellow, melody, minimal, mournful, movie, music, nature, peaceful, poignant, quiet, reflective, relaxed, romantic, sad, score, sentimental, serious, slideshow, slow, slow motion, smooth, strings, video, water waves, slow tempo

Description: Akoestische gitaar spelen een leuk en grillig eenvoudige cue met lichte begeleiding.

Description: Americana-Folk, Americana, Folk, delicate, zachte, trieste, retrospectieve, ontroerende, Sentimental, Zacht, Tender, West-, Reflectie, sensueel, Ballad, in een emotionele, ontroerende, Reflectie, droef, Gevoelig stemming, met strijkers, synth, gitaar, akoestische, met een langzaam tempo

Description: A great piece of epic film trailer music for cinema, trailers, film, computer games, tv, radio, adverts and commercials! This huge epicpiece of orchestral music is edgy, dynamic, motivational and powerful! A courageous piece of huge heroic music that will give your productions a big budget Hollywood style sound! Great for epic visuals, battle scenes, fighting programs, and adventure movies. Also perfect for trailers and computer games!