Description: Very pretty ethnic song with indian instruments.

Description: A light world track featuring balafon, tablas,rain stick.

Description: Very pretty ethnic song with indian instruments.Classical Indian raga featuring bells, violin,and tabla. Authentic traditional music for projects dealing with India, Eastern spirituality,

Description: Bright and friendly African welcome. An up-tempo, vibrant and colourful introduction, from a warm and welcoming people. Really depicts the enthusiasm, diversity and friendliness of the country. Great for travelogue, documentary, multi-media and commercials. Main, underscore, 60's and 30's

Description: Midden-Oosten Groove met bas Synth en etnische strijkers en houtblazers percussie

Description: Regionale avontuur breed panoramisch verleidelijke onderstrepingsteken

Description: Recorded with Andean charango-string instrument and pan flutes to get that South American feel. Melancholic music with a typical folkloric chord progression.

Description: Gypsy Kings in Concert - latin. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: A joyful hawaiian track featuring hawaiian steel guitar, ukulele and hand percussion.

Description: Distant bagpipes over a drone sound, creating an atmospheric and sentimental feeling. Great background music for any project in relation to Scotland/nature/mountains/battle etc.