Description: A soothing Hawaiian track with beautiful steel guitar, ukulele, vibes, hand percussion and brushes.

Description: A vintage hawaiian track with beautiful ukulele and steel melodies.

Description: Full of energy, vibrance and colour. A real carnival atomsphere with the flavour of the Caribbean or Latin America. Bright, Lively & happy - it just makes you want to dance. Featuring latin percussion, steel drums, electric bass guitar & brass section. 30sec full mix & 30sec underscore mix

Description: A beautiful hawaiian track featuring hawaiian steel guitar, ukulele and hand percussion.

Description: Welcome to the Islands. This track features steel drums and brass horns with a very cool groove and wonderful timbale percussion.

Description: Avontuur reizen actie actieve Tribal International

Description: A happy hawaiian track with light percussion, hawaiian steel guitar and ukulele.

Description: Goede Tribal percussieve exotische actieve Fun verheffend gevoel

Description: Bagpipe With Guitar - World. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing

Description: Happy and cheerful celtic song with traditional instruments as accordion and flute