Description: Inspirational, uplifting track for corporate and advertising needs.

Description: Inspirational and uplifting motivational track with leading piano and synths, pads, strings, dreamy arpeggios and drums in the second half of the tune.

Description: Atmospheric and minimalistic piano melody expands later into a nice chill out tune with synth sequences, beat and arpeggios.

Description: This is a simple joyful guitar melody played over a unique hand clap rhythm. Very positive and optimistic. Spreads positive emotions and happiness! Good for projects involving family, summer holiday, travel, kids and more.

Description: Inspirational track with piano melodies, dreamy strings, pads and delicate drum patterns. Some additional melodies on Glockenspiel. Great as background for motivational corporate videos, presentations etc., as well as for any personal purposes. There are also other versions of this track available. Check my portfolio for more edits please! Enjoy!

Description: Dreamy electronic track with bouncy electric guitar mutes over a modern electronic beat synth pads and various sequences. Use it for any corporate slideshows or video projects to add confidence, positive emotions and energy to your project.

Description: Delicate, elegant melody is played on harp. Perfect for any kind of inspirational projects, motivational presentations and family videos.

Description: Dramatic and driving orchestral motive ideal as soundtrack for trailers, video games, cinematic project and more. Full orchestra plays strong and powerful accents accompanied by a set of drums. Hits and swells help building an action packed epic climax.

Description: The most popular Christmas carol, here played beautifully on a grand piano. Big lush space helps to recreate this special, magical and joyful Christmas atmosphere.

Description: A sting version of the 'Inspiring Imagination' track, a modern sounding track with inspirational touch. Designed for inspirational, business projects, such as advertising or promotional videos. It helps to spread imagination, vision, builds positive emotions about your product. There are other edits of this track available as well. Check my portfolio! Thank you!

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