Description: Thinking Big is an uplifting motivational track, driven by delayed electric guitars, upfront beats, catchy piano top-lines and a powerful, analogue synth bass line. It's ideal for use within corporate, motivational or business related projects where positivity and optimism are paramount.

Description: Rijden, upbeat, positief, tracks motiverende en energieke pop rock

Description: grand theme with majestic orchestrations heralding adventurous pursuits, lofty achievements and great success.

Description: Kleurrijke muziek bed voor corporate/bedrijf/wetenschap/medische gemarkeerd door mallet instrumenten.

Description: ontspannen, positieve thema met akoestische gitaar, piano en lichte percussie.

Description: Ernstige, zakelijk, zakelijk muziek

Description: Ernstige, zakelijk, zakelijk muziek.

Description: Rijden, vrolijke, positieve, motiverende en energieke poprock en corporate tracks

Description: This fun and motivational corporate song gives an upbeat and happy vibe. This is instrumental background music thats common to what is heard in todays popular corporate tv advertising commercials. Features Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, & Bells, bass & drums.

Description: Energieke en drijvende bed voor corporate, business, wetenschap en technologie

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